Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth

Potted History:

Born in 1961 near Burghfield in Berkshire. Have lived in most parts of England.
Now living in the United States.
Musical - learned Violin, Double Bass and Piano.
Took up hot-air ballooning while still at school and have had many exploits among the clouds (and power cables).
After school, joined my father's explosive demolitions business. Our slogan: "Business is Booming"
Gained degree in Astrophysics from Royal Holloway College.
Learned to fall off a horse without landing on my head.
Spent 8 years in the Territorial Army.
Nuclear physicist for 3 years.
After running successful businesses as a software author and photographer, I spent a couple of years as an analyst at the European headquarters of a bank, four years programming for a car manufacturer and am now working for a large law firm.

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History & Literature
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Walks in the hills
Motor Racing


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