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Carbon tubes could store hydrogen fuel - 08/11/99
Plastics earn chemistry Nobel - 10/10/00
Molecular control earns Nobel - 10/10/01
Science 'giant' Perutz dies - 06/02/02
Uncorking the chemistry of wine - 25/10/02
New molecular force probe stretches molecules, atom by atom - 29/03/09
Research gives new perspective on periodic table - 28/12/09
New elements added to chemistry's periodic table - 08/06/11 elements 114 and 116 have temporary titles of ununquadium and ununhexium
Nobel win for crystal discovery - 05/10/11
Periodic Table swells as three new elements named - 05/11/11
Names proposed for new elements If the names are accepted, element 114 will become Flerovium (Fl) in honour of the physicist Georgiy Flerov, while element 116 will become Livermorium (Lv), after the Californian laboratory where it was discovered
Upsalite: Scientists make 'impossible material'... by accident - 13/08/13
Evidence for new periodic table element boosted - 27/08/13
Century-old chemistry problem solved - 11/09/13 The SN2 reaction can be used to detach part of a molecule called a functional group from a central carbon atom, while simultaneously, another functional group adds to the opposite side of the carbon atom
Atomic Weights Changed for Nineteen Chemical Elements - 24/09/13
The Periodic Table puts on weight - 25/09/13
Computer chemists win Nobel prize - 09/10/13
Viewpoint: Why do people hate the word 'chemicals'? - 26/11/13
Thomas Jefferson's lost chemistry lab found - 18/10/15
Cutting edge chemistry in 2015 - Dec 11, 2015
Four elements added to periodic table - 04/01/15 113,115,117,118 formally verified by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
Job worries investigated by American Chemical Society - Mar 15, 2016
Chemistry Graduates Far Outnumber Available Jobs - Mar 15, 2016

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