Physical Chemistry

Balmer Series 1885
Rydberg formula for the wavelengths of spectral lines 1888
Planck constant 1900
Lyman series 1906
Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom 1913
Moseley's law 1914
Landé g-factor 1921
Stern–Gerlach experiment 1922
Pauli exclusion principle - 1925
Spin quantum number 1925
Atomic orbital
Quantum Numbers and Electron Orbitals The Four Quantum Numbers of Electrons
Angular Momentum Quantum Numbers s, p, d, and f
The Aufbau Principle - Electronic Structure and the Aufbau Principle memorize this
Valences of the Elements
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Blank Periodic Table
Printable Periodic table
Groups of Elements
Electron Orbitals
Aufbau Principal