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Pierre-Simon Laplace, 1749-1827: A Life in Exact Science, at Barnes and Noble
Pierre Simon LaPlace, 1749-1827: A Determined Scientist, at Barnes and Noble
The mathematical secrets of Pascalís triangle - Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi
Oblate Spheroid
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Finding Hamiltonian Cycles: Algorithms, Graphs and Performance
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Hamiltonian Circuits (McGill)
Effective Valence Shell Hamiltonian Theory
American Mathematical Society
Laplace Transforms: books
Laplace Transform
Solution of Differential Equations using Laplace Transforms in Mathematica
Solving Linear Ordinary Differential Equations Using Laplace Transforms
Table of Laplace Transforms
Time dependence and Laplace transform
Mathematica Handbook: Laplace Transforms and Differential Equations
Petzval and the Laplace Transform
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Matrices and Determinants
Joseph-Louis Lagrange 1736-1813
Sir William Rowan Hamilton 1805-1865
Orbits and Gravitation
Leonhard Euler 1707-1783
DeMoivre's Theorem used to raise complex numbers to integer powers
Complex Vector SPaces
Conjugates and Division of Complex Numbers .pdf
Polar Form and de Moivre's Theorem .pdf
Complex Vector Spaces and Inner Products .pdf
Unitary and Hermitian Matrices .pdf
Linear Programming .pdf
Linear Programming Involving Two Variables .pdf
The Simplex Method: Maximization .pdf
The Simplex Method: Minimization .pdf
The Simplex Method: Mixed Constraints .pdf
Numericala Methods .pdf
Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems .pdf
Power Method for Approximating Eigenvalues .pdf
Applications of Numerical Methods .pdf
Math in HTML (and CSS)
Mathematical formulas in HTML 4.0
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Web Study Guide for Ordinary Differential Equations
The Zero Saga & Confusions With Numbers
Maths on High School Hub
Dave's Maths Tables
WinSite Math Programs
Historical Precedents to the GLaD Construction Goldenheim, Litchfield and Dietrich
The Mathematical Problems of David Hilbert
Elin Oxenhielm who solved Hilbert's problem 16
Prime Numbers: The Most Mysterious Figures in Math, at Amazon USA
Vector Analysis, at Amazon USA
Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exam, 2004-2005, at Amazon USA
Cliffs Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, at Amazon USA
Cliffs Algebra I, at Amazon USA
Cliffs Algebra II, at Amazon USA
Cliffs Geometry, at Amazon USA
WebMath: Plot of a mathematical expression
Exterior angles of a polygon

Mathematicians crack big puzzle: the Shimura-Taniyama-Weil (STW) conjecture - 19/11/99
The secret of squares revealed - 03/03/00
Unpacking a particle problem - 08/03/00
Double bubble is no trouble - 21/03/00
Being good at maths can add up to $1m - 25/05/00
Babylonian and Egyptian mathematics
"Minesweeper" could uncover math conundrum - 02/11/00
The "P=NP?" problem
For the perfect party, invite a mathematician - 04/01/01
Pupils think their maths teachers are nerds - 04/01/01
Number takes prime position - 05/12/01 The largest prime number yet found has over four million digits
British professor chases solution to $1m maths prize - 14/04/02
18th century theory is new force in computing - 18/02/03 Bayes's Theorem
Prime number breakthrough - 04/04/03
Historic maths problem 'cracked' - 27/11/03 Hilbert's problem 16
Book explains maths mysteries - 27/01/04
Largest Prime Number discovered - 07/06/04
Greatest maths problem 'solved' - 10/06/04
Paul Hsieh's puzzles
Mathematical Recreations
Mathematical breakthrough could bring disaster for ecommerce - 07/09/04
Jones takes care of number one - 28/09/05
Brain scans explain maths problem - 06/03/06 Prof Brian Butterworth of UCL said this could be key to diagnosing dyscalculia
2006 mathematics prize announced - 23/03/06
World's top maths genius jobless and living with mother - 20/08/06 Grigory "Grisha" Perelman solved the Poincare Conjecture but turned down the million dollar prize
Maths solution tops science class - 21/12/06
Advanced geometry of Islamic art - 23/02/07
248-dimension maths puzzle solved - 19/03/07
Maths: who said it was difficult? - 02/05/07
The beauty of maths - 14/12/07
Sacred Geometry - 22/03/08
The art of maths - 17/09/08
Linux Evolution Reveals Origins of Curious Mathematical Phenomenon - 01/12/08
New Pattern Found in Prime Numbers - 08/05/09
Pi calculated to 'record number' of digits - 06/01/09
Why parents can't do maths today - 10/09/10
Pi record smashed as team finds two-quadrillionth digit - 16/09/10
In pictures: Mandelbrot's fractals - 17/10/10
A Point of View: Mary, queen of maths - 08/03/13
Rota's Conjecture: Researcher solves 40-year-old math problem - 15/08/13
Together and Alone, Closing the Prime Gap - 19/11/13
Emmy Noether, 1882-1935 influential German mathematician known for her groundbreaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics
Nigerian professor claims to have solved 156 year old maths problem - 17/11/15

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