Physics of Sound
Pritex Ltd - The Art of Acoustic Control
Acoustical Design
Auroral Sounds - Colin Keay, University of Newcastle
Acoustics Dept at AAlborg University
Acoustics, Vibrations and Dynamics at Georgia Institute of Technology
Reverberation Time Demonstration
Books on Acoustics
49 Ideas of Silence
Sound Absorbing Panels
Noise Abatement Acoustic Panels
Noise Pollution

An end to the sound of silence - 14/10/99
BBC defends 'mutter' machines - 14/10/99
Researchers tailor surround sound - 27/01/05
Oldest recorded voices sing again - 28/03/08
Carbon copying the 'Stradivarius' sound - 11/09/09
Shock wave from trombone filmed - 28/05/11

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