Ceiling Fans

Energy Efficiency Home Survey see No 11
Common errors that don't save energy Ceiling fan motors give off wasted heat, which your a/c must remove. Remember, never leave a ceiling fan operating in an unoccupied room
Heating and Cooling Your Home Fans actually warm a room. Make sure they are "off" when no one is in the room
Ceiling Fan an Energy Waste? Yes
Why buy a ceiling fan Ceiling fans cool PEOPLE (not rooms). Remember: operating fan in empty rooms just waste energy , so turn it off when you leave the room.
Ceiling Fans May Increase Cooling Energy Use the energy to run all those fans exceeds the potential savings from reducing the thermostat setting
Ask the Expert: some ways to help reduce your air-conditioning costs Utilize ceiling fans and/or other fans in occupied rooms
Rowan University College of Engineering search for FanConditioner
Energy Efficiency Home Survey Quiz your family members to see if they know to turn fans off when no one is in a room
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