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Antigua & Barbuda's 1999 General Elections
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History of Ascension
Ascension islanders ready to revolt for democracy - 15/06/02 We the undersigned deplore the introduction of taxation without representation on Ascension The revolt is particularly awkward for the Government, which has lauded the innate virtues of democracy and self-determination. The islanders cannot vote
Volcanic peak hundreds of miles from anywhere - 15/06/02
Slow history - 15/06/02


American Plantations and Colonies - Bermuda Islands
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British officials shot dead in Bermuda - 10/03/1973

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'Fear and looting 'in the Caymans - 20/09/04


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The Falkland Islands - Malvinas War
Argentine flag hoisted on Falklands - 19/03/1982
Thatcher leads tribute to Falklands war veterans - 17/06/02


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Talks over nuclear sub row with Gibraltar - 21/08/00
Atom sub talks with Gibraltar fail - 22/08/00


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Regions and territories: Montserrat - 18/09/04
Montserrat volcano: Has it gone quiet? - 26/09/04


A Visit to Pitcairn Island, October 10, 1996
H.M.S. Bounty
Map of Pitcairn Island
Mutiny on the HMS Bounty
Norfolk Island - Bloodless Genocide
Pitcairn & Norfolk Island Genealogy
Pitcairn Island - Wojciech D¹browski travel report, pictures and info
Pitcairn Island and Mangareva
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The Crusoes of Pitcairn's Island
The Henderson Island Website
The Island of Pitcairn
The Tattooed Hand - Pahutini
Islanders think the unthinkable - 08/04/00
Mass printing may finger 'Bounty island' murderer - 13/08/02

South Georgia

South Georgia's Politics and Economy

St. Helena

Chronology of St Helena
History of St.Helena
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Saint Helena - The Island In The South Atlantic Ocean
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The Strange Story of Napoleon's Wallpaper
Tristan da Cunha - the remotest island in the world
views of Tristan da Cunha
Banished islanders are British again - 12/05/02
Last colonial subjects given full UK rights - 12/05/02
Saint Helena to get first airport - 15/03/05
Island 'at risk without airport' - 29/10/09

Turks & Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Gateway, Providenciales Investment Scuba Diving Vacation
Turks and Caicos Islands Hotels, Restaurants, Car rentals on Providenciales (Provo) and more
Turks_and_Caicos large map
UK imposes Turks and Caicos rule - 14/08/09
Colonies of the United Kingdom
Revealed: Britain [Wilson] took £5m 'bribe' to evict [Diego Garcia] islanders - 15/07/00
Expelled islanders seek right to return - 15/07/00 Hearing will decide between inhabitants of Chagos Islands [inc. Diego Garcia] and United States military
Chagos islanders allowed home - 03/11/00
Evicted islanders demand right to return - 06/11/01
UK overseas citizens win right to live in Britain - 05/07/02