The Peters Projection an Area Accurate map
Britain Maps
One pylon marks the spot - 15/10/01
Ousefleet on the map as dullest location - 15/10/01 OS map shows a square Km with no features
Non-military satellite views Earth - 11/01/02 Quickbird
Ordnance Survey shake-up attacked - 22/06/02
U.S. mappers told to buy, not spy - 01/07/02
Counties of England
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
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ZIP Codes

ZIP code lookup
ZIP Code map given a ZIP code it shows the area covered
Virtual 3D map published - 09/09/03
Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive - 08/06/05
Old atlases expected to fetch £5m - 18/10/05 The 700 volumes from Wardington Manor include the rare Doria Atlas and the first printed atlas - dated to 1477
Microsoft offers a new angle on maps - 07/12/05
MapQuest offers open-source API - 07/03/06
Web maps show old views of Africa - 11/01/07
Google's pictures of UK go live - 19/03/09
Most complete Earth map published - 30/06/09