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Asa Hutchinson

Wikipedia In 1984 he prosecuted Roger Clinton, Jr., the brother of then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton on cocaine possession charges
Asa Hutchinson: Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security appointed by President Bush and confirmed by a unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate in January 2003
Asa for Governor
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AP News Analysis: Asa Hutchinson ends political exile, but for what? - 23/02/08 He's helping the Republican Party prepare for the 2010 election by researching the campaign finances of Democratic officeholders. (Andrew DeMillo covers Arkansas government and politics for The Associated Press)

Mike Beebe
Beebe's Staff Armed robber on Beebe's staff
Lightle and Beebe - 18/05/06 Now we see how Mike Beebe is able to out-raise Asa 2-1, by receiving contributions like this from one individual through multiple companies
Arkansas Governor: Beebe (D) Still Leading, in Tighter Race - 26/07/06 Beebe (D) 47%, Hutchinson (R) 40%
Top contributors for Arkansasí major political races
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Follow the Money - Mike Beebe 2006 campaign contributions
Follow the Money - Mike Hathorne 2006 campaign contributions
Follow the Money - Bill Halter (Clinton's protege) 2006 campaign contributions - this time no sign of Wilson
Contributions from Robert Wilson, his family, companies and employees: at least $26,000

Wilson & Family: $6,000
Jillian H. Wilson, Little Rock, homemaker 
Robert M. Wilson III, Little Rock, attorney 
Robert M. Wilson Jr., Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., retiree 

Companies: $10,000
Associates Computer Services (owned by RW; wound up end 2005)
Foreclosure Investors Report LLC, Little Rock
Mandala Services LLC, Little Rock 
Record Data Inc., Little Rock 
Statewide Trustee Services LLC, Little Rock 

Employees: $10,000
Christopher Palmer, Little Rock, attorney 
Carrie Palmer, Little Rock, homemaker (wife of emp)
Ronald G. Faubion, Little Rock, chief financial officer, Mandala Services
Jeanne F. Faubion, Little Rock (wife of emp)
Scott Richburg, Little Rock, engineer (Gina's husband?)

Miscellaneous attorneys: $20,000
Ted Boswell, Bryant, attorney 
Elizabeth Bowles, Little Rock, attorney 
Sam Boyce Sr., Newport, attorney 
Jack E. Browne, Little Rock, attorney 
Randall S. Bueter, Roland, attorney 
Gregory Wooten Epes, Little Rock, attorney
C.C. Gibson III, Monticello, attorney 
Q. Byrum Hurst Jr., Hot Springs, attorney 
Ark Monroe III, Little Rock, attorney
Alex G. Streett, Russellville, attorney

Mysterious Texans: $30,000
Frederick Baron, Dallas, Texas, attorney 
Baron & Budd contributed $650,000 to Democrats in 2002
John Richard Byrd Sr. Carpenter Law Firm PC, Plano, Texas Scott Dalrymple, San Antonio, Texas, businessman Joel M. Fineburg, Dallas, Texas, attorney Bennett Glazer, Dallas, Texas, CEO, Glazer Family Companies Mike Glazer, Dallas, Texas, executive vice president, Glazer Wholesale R.L. Glazer, Dallas, Texas, chairman of the board, Glazer Distributing Tim Herron, The Woodlands, Texas, attorney Herbert V. Hildebrand, The Woodlands, Texas, attorney Sandy Jorgensen, Conroe, Texas, paralegal Philip Kanayen, Houston, Texas, attorney Cary Rossel, Dallas, Texas, Glazerís Distributing Barkley J. Stuart, Dallas, Texas, executive vice president, Glazerís Distributors Erik B. Walker, Houston, Texas, attorney The Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas UNKNOWN Associates Investment Leasing LLC, Little Rock
Arkansas gubernatorial election, 2006
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