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Genesee County population
City of Flint
Flint Commerce Center
Crime "The North end of Flint has a lot of crime. lots of drive by shootings, murders etc"
City of Flint
University of Michigan, Flint
Flont Demographic Info
Flint Community Networking Initiative With a population of 140,761, composed almost equally of whites and African Americans-with smaller percentages of Native Americans, Asians, and Latinos-the city has the tenth highest average wage of any U.S. metropolitan area. At the same time, 45 percent of the children in Flint live below poverty level
Letter from Flint Isn't it enough that Flint suffers the highest or near-highest per capita rates of murder, rape, and theft in the nation?
Flint Library
B & B
Flint by kids at McKinley Middle School My neighborhood is like A big GHETTO
Flint MI Crime Statistics (2001)
Getting Local: Flint
Flint Police Department letter from the Chief
Experience the west coast -- of Michigan - 07/06/06
Making Cities Work: Detroit - 10/07/06


Important Phone Numbers
Register of Deeds: Melvin McCree - 810 257-3060